Memory Necklace Made From Your Special Fabric Plus Embellishments And A Photo



  • A beautiful keepsake necklace made from a tiny bit of lace and other embellishments from your wedding dress. Other thicker fabrics may also be used.
  • The large pendant or locket (30 mm - 1 1/8")  is stainless steel and shiny. The ring around the glass looks like it's black in the photo, but it is silver also. 
  • Clear and toughened glass is on the front and the back of the locket. A photo which you will email me will be placed on the back. If you do not want a photo, silver/white card stock will be placed on the back.
  • The small tray (10 mm) is made from stainless steel as well. It has a clear glass dome.
  • "The surgical grade 304 stainless steel necklace cable chain resists rust, tarnish, oxidation, discoloration and corrosion." 
  • Both sizes include a 2" extender chain.

Additional Ordering Information

When you order, please write whatever text you want in the small pendant under the special instructions. Please keep in mind that it's 10mm in size. If you choose a photo, please email it to me. If you would like to make your own memory necklace, please see the do-it-yourself listing.

Your necklace will be sent to you in a gift box.


 Please click on this button or the "How To Order" tab at the top of this page for complete ordering instructions. 

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