1. Q: What clothing or fabric works best for bears?

A:  Tight knits, denim, satin, cotton, prints that aren't too busy 

2. Q: Do you make play tents from wedding dresses?

A:  I'm sorry, but we're not able to offer tents from wedding dresses. We may consider selling the pattern in the future, but there are several things we did to our tent that are hard to duplicate. We are looking at easier ways to do things.

3. Q: Do you make christening dresses?

A:  No, I'm sorry. I don't at this time.

4. Q: Do you make clothing for bears?

 A:  Each bear gets a collar of some sort, but I do not make  other clothing at this time.

5. Q: Is your shop smoke free?

 A:  Absolutely

6. Q: How do I get my garments to you?

 A:  USPS , UPS, or FedEX...You can weigh your box and check with them to see who has the best rates.


7. Q: Do you give discounted prices for multiple items.

I am very sorry, but I cannot. It takes a great deal of time to make quality products.